Dr. Stephanie Beelendorf

Dr. Stephanie Beelendorf

Expert in Pediatric, Pregnancy and Family Chiropractic Care

Dr. Stephanie Beelendorf specializes in pediatric, prenatal, and family chiropractic care. Her techniques are gentle & effective; even the most anxious little ones do great in our office. She has been passionate about becoming a doctor since the age of 5 and wrote her first book about the function of the human body in kindergarten. Dr. Beelendorf has had her own struggles with headaches and focus issues, chiropractic has given her the ability overcome her own obstacles. She attended the University of Iowa majoring in Psychology and PreMedicine. Dr. Beelendorf continued her studies at Palmer College in Davenport, IA, and received her Doctorate in February 2009. Since graduating she has completed post doctoral education in prenatal and pediatric practices and has trained with the best pediatric specialist in the country. She is currently working on obtaining a diplomate in pediatrics and is authoring a book on raising a healthy family in todays society. Dr. Beelendorf has been serving families for over a decade and has had the pleasure of serving families in the Fox Valley Area for 8 years. Outside of serving local families Dr. Beelendorf enjoys spending time with her children, traveling, reading, writing, playing guitar, singing, painting, creating comfortable spaces, cooking, yoga, meditation, standing paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking.

Professional Experience

A dedicated and experienced doctor, who enjoys helping local families learn how to be truly healthy in today’s world. She provides exceptional chiropractic care to pregnant women, children from birth up, and families.  Being under chiropractic care allows our patients to function at their very best, this is especially important in our high paced, stressful environments.  With her decade of experience combining chiropractic care, proper nutrition, detoxification programs and mindfulness, our families here at Select Health experience life changing results.  Dr. Beelendorf is completing post doctorate hours to obtain a Pediatric Diplomate. Her passion to serve families is driven by having 5 beautiful children of her own. She enjoys being a part of helping mothers make informed decisions about their children’s health. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting information out there regarding topics such as allergies, vaccines, proper nutrition, breast feeding, pregnancy, and medical interventions. She has worked along side the best and brightest of her colleagues prior to opening her own pediatric and family chiropractic office in St. Charles, 6 years ago.  She is currently authoring a book with step by step guidelines to help busy moms navigate their family’s health.  Outside of her time helping other mommy’s she enjoys spending time with her family, playing guitar, strength training, yoga, meditation, and traveling. She serves her local community as a director for a non profit called Flying 4 Hope.  Dr. Beelendorf looks forward to the opportunity to make your family’s health five-star!

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